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Chandelier Cleaning - Chicago, Illinois

Chandelier Cleaning Services by Must Be CleanMust Be Clean has provided Chicago, Illinois Chandelier Cleaning Services and window washing services for several years. We believe that a thorough hand-cleaning of your Chicagoland chandelier is necessary to bring out its natural brilliance and add to the longevity of your chandelier.

Chandeliers are the jewelry of your home. They add sparkle and brilliance and are often a statement piece of your home. Some companies may offer chandelier cleaning but use a spray and drip-dry method. This method of cleaning is not detailed or effective in cleaning build-up on these expensive pieces in your home.

Just like you wouldn't clean your diamonds by spraying them with glass cleaner and waiting for them to drip dry; we don't use the spray and drip-dry method. The only way to achieve a thorough and deep cleaning of all chandelier components is by detaching, hand-cleaning, and reattaching.

Why NOT use the drip-dry method? Once the crystals are sprayed, they still need to be wiped. If the crystals are not wiped, a film or smoky finish will be left on all the crystal. Think of it this way- to clean your windows or glass, would you spray glass cleaner on it and let it drip dry without wiping? Of course not. Additional reasons include damage to the wiring, loosening of the crystal arms (which are usually set in plaster), and corrosion of the metal, which will turn color and destroy the plate. If you decide to choose another chandelier cleaning company to maintain your fixture, it's imperative you inquire of their cleaning method prior to committing.

This requires more time and work, but the results are stunning and worth the investment. Our process starts by detaching each piece of hanging crystal and cleaning it by hand. Your residence, hotel, apartment buildings, or business’ chandelier is cleaned in the most thorough, detailed, and meticulous manner possible. We also clean the metal work or finish of your light to leave you with a stunning chandelier that looks its very best! We also suggest replacing your bulbs during the cleaning process for especially high-mounted fixtures to ensure all bulbs continue performing properly and providing maximum brilliance.  

Cleaning Chandeliers in Chicagoland

We will respect your property as if it was our own. Call us if you have any questions about our Chicagoland chandelier cleaning services.

We recommend scheduling a cleaning for your home chandelier if you have:

  • renovated a room
  • sanded your hardwood floors
  • just moved into a new home
  • thought of listing your home for sale
  • decided that our scheduled maintenance would work best for you

We provide Chandelier Cleaning services for businesses such as:

  • hotels
  • apartment buildings
  • associations
  • business complexes
  • medical facilities
  • schools
  • spa/salons
  • condo common areas / foyers
  • park districts
  • restaurants

We can also handle chandelier moving, relocating, storage, installation, repair, rewiring, and draping.

Please call Anne and Jerome Naylor at Must Be Clean for a free estimate today. At Must Be Clean, we can clean your chandeliers, wash your windows, or even clean your screens!

Chandelier Samples (Click to see more!)

Clients Us

Clients love our personal service and attention to detail. But don't just take it from us. See what some of our clients have to say about us.

  • Our windows have NEVER been cleaner!! - Herman, C.

  • must-be-clean-window-washing-20141203 191527Our "old" chandelier actually looks better than when we initially put it up in our living room. It now glistens. When we initially sought cleaning companies that clean chandeliers we found that all the companies listed on the internet are not the same.  Must Be Clean has a proven methodology in properly estimating your chandelier needs. Once you meet the Naylor team you are re-assured of their abilities in the first minutes as you see how they do their initial jobs. We have had many home services into our home but we must say that you are one of the best. -Dr. and Mrs. Harold A.

  • The windows have never looked so good! You can't even tell there's glass there. -Sue B.

  • I love the way you cleaned the blinds!  The upper windows haven't been cleaned in quite some time.  It's nice to now look out and see the sun shine through the windows and not see any dust. - Linda, Curves 

  • We love them so much!! You guys are great! - Michael P.

  • Thank you!  My parents were very pleased with your work. - Janelle B.

  • must-be-clean-window-washing-20140723 173219The overall job was so noticeably better than it had ever been that even the Maintenance Staff noticed and made comments concerning the big improvement in work.  In 36 years of building maintenance, this is the second time I have written a letter of recommendation for a vendor due to exceptional service and professionalism. -T.D., Reavis High School, Burbank, IL

  • must-be-clean-window-washing-20130717 175444You guys did a truly wonderful job...the windows are awesome, and the screens look virtually new. Thanks for coming right over and completing the job. You guys are a lovely couple. We will use you from now on. Thanks! -Jim H.

  • Thank you for the amazing job your company did for us cleaning the windows. We will be happy to be a reference for you if you need it. When you are in our new neighborhood give us a call and stop by for an estimate on cleaning our windows. Have a great weekend! - Joan & John R.


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